Artificial intelligence consulting

We offer a tailored AI consulting services for our clients. Our services include end to end AI discovery and implementation which provides maximum benefit to our clients. 



This process includes identification of opportunities where AI can benefit the business. This process involves

  • Analysis of recurring problems being faced by the organisation and how AI can be used to solve these problems.
  • Identifying areas where AI could be used to automate manual tasks.
  • Identifying how AI can be used to increase productivity.


data analysis


  • Identifying data that could be used to train machine learning models.
  • Data validation.
  • Data cleansing.



  • Development of machine learning model for delivering the desired results.
  • Training the machine learning model with the prepared data.
  • Testing and refining the machine learning model.
  • Planning future training plans.


implementation and support


  • Design integration of the AI system with client applications.
  • Development of API's to use the AI system from client applications.
  • Planning release and maintenance.
  • Development of performance metrics for continous improvement.