Application Migration and Modernisation

Application Modernization helps your organization to overcome the limitations faced by older legacy applications. As an organisation grows, it's applications also need to be upgraded to keep up with the increasing workload. Applications need to be updated to keep up with updated technology and requirements. Applications which were developed initially may not be sufficient to meet the needs of a growing organisation. Modernizing applications can help to reduce time taken to process work and improve productivity of an organisation. We can help you move from legacy applications to modern web based and mobile friendly applications.

Our offering includes:


  • Analysis of the current application technology stack.


  • Indentifying the appropriate tools and technologies to update the application.


  • Rewriting legacy applications using cloud based web technologies.


  • Enhancing and optimizing existing web applications using micro services based framework. 


  • Migrating web applications to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


  • We offer application modernisation using object oriented programming language like  C#,Java and modern front end frameworks like Angular,React.