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Our expertise



Business Requirements Capture And Analysis

Getting the business requirements right is one of the key factors for a successful project implementation. Capturing business requirements has always been a challenging task in software industry.

The requirements may be given at a high level which can require further probing or the requirement may be given from a stakeholders point of view which is dffierent from what is expected by the development team.

Our consultants can help you bridge the gap between business and technology and help you to successfully convert your business requirement into technical requirements. We have several years of experience working various business domains and translating business requirements into technical requirements. We can undertake projects of varying sizes where we can help understand your requirements in details and identify the right technologies to user to realise your vision.

Please get in touch if you have a business idea and would like to get your idea transformed into a successful software solution.



Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are an important part of an organization which handles documents at an enterprise level. Some of the most widely used Content Management Systems are Microsoft Sharepoint and Opentext Documentum. We provide development services for Sharepoint and Documentum as well as troubleshooting any issues and fixing any bugs in your code.



Software Security

Security is one of the key features of any software application. Organizations have firewalls and anti-virus to protect software applications from external threats. But, it is also essential that security is built into applications by design so any data cannot be modified,accessed or created by unauthorised users.Every organization has different types of software applications,so the security also has to be tailored according to the organisations policies, compliance and business requirements.Please contact us if you would like to design a robust and effecient security structure for your software applications.